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How to Find Which Teeth Grinding Guard Best Suits You

find which teeth grinding guard best suits you

There are many different kinds of mouth guards for teeth grinding. There are custom-fitted mouth guards, soft EVA mouthguards, and hard acrylic guards. To find the right one for you, consider which features are important for your specific situation. You can also choose between a mouth guard that is custom-made or one that is premade. Depending on your level of grinding, you can choose a soft mouth guard or a hybrid one.

Hard acrylic

Whether you are a moderate to extreme grinder, a hard acrylic night guard can be beneficial for you. They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Most hard acrylic guards do not allow for any changes to your teeth, so you may have to change your guard after having a new crown or bridge. If you have cavities or need an implant, you may want to consider a dual laminate guard, which is a combination of both hard and soft material.

Hard acrylic night guards combine a hard acrylic shell with a softer EVA inner layer. They are 3mm thick and act as a durable shell against the teeth while offering a slight cushion for comfort. While these guards are a good choice for moderate grinding, they may not fit perfectly and will cause minor flexing, so they are best for mild to moderate grinding. Hard acrylic guards are also more expensive than other types, and they should be used only as a temporary solution until you can see a dentist.

Soft EVA

The best teeth grinding guard for you depends on several factors. First, you should decide on which thickness you need. You need a protection that will prevent you from grinding your teeth while you are asleep. If you grind your teeth in bed, a thicker protection will prevent you from damaging your teeth. Next, you should decide what type of teeth grinding guard will best suit your needs. ConfiDental makes several types of teeth grinding guards.

There are dual-layer mouthguards and soft-elastic night guards. These are made of two layers of material: softer EVA on the inside and hard acrylic on the outside. They protect your teeth and provide comfort. Most are fabricated with an indexing for increased comfort. If your teeth are more delicate, you can choose a soft-elastic teeth grinding guard. Soft-EVA is an EVA material that is free of BPA.


Some microwavable teeth grinding guards are flavored. Minty mouthwash is a good choice for this type of teeth guard. They can be molded into the perfect fit and are more comfortable than traditional guards. While they don’t last as long as cheaper alternatives, a microwavable guard is still worth the price and convenience. There are many different types of microwaveable teeth grinding guards, but you should choose one that fits your needs.

Microwaveable teeth grinding guards are not meant to be used by people under 18 years old or by people with TMJ, who are sensitive to shocks. Neither should people who are pregnant or have sensitive gag reflexes use these products. These guards should also be consulted by a dentist before using them. This appliance is designed to prevent the back teeth from being worn at night while you sleep. This is a good option for those who have light-to-moderate grinding problems.


Getting a custom-fitted teeth grinding guard can help you prevent the ravages of bruxism. While most guards are made of firm plastic, thicker ones are needed for severe bruxism. A 3mm Night Dental Guard from Sentinel is designed for significant bruxism intervention. The manufacturer of this night guard maintains impressions for two years. Besides that, it does not contain silicone, latex, or phthalates.

The main difference between a store-bought and a custom-fitted mouthguard is in the fabrication process. While a store-bought mouthguard is made using plastic, a custom-fitted one is made from thermoplastic. In addition, a custom-fitted guard is designed by a dental professional, so the fit is more precise. The cost difference is negligible when you compare the benefits of a custom-fitted teeth grinding guard with those of a store-bought one.

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